Safe Installation


Every home should have a safe. Even if you’re not worried about burglaries, it’s just common sense to have a fire safe to protect important documents just in case. OnTheGo works with a wide variety of safes to meet your every need. Do you need to protect important hard drives? Family assports? Snacks you’re trying to cut from your diet? Whether you’re looking to protect yourself against fires, floods, or anything else, we can help you pick the right safe so you can feel secure.


Maybe you need help installing a safe? Obviously not everyone has a giant painting to hide it behind, so what’s the best place to keep a safe? The answer will depend on you and your home or business. If you’re mostly concerned about fire safety, the basement is a good spot, since a house fire won’t spend a lot of time there, and concrete floors are great for bolting down safes. However, if you live in a flood zone, that may not be the best place. Additionally, you might want your safe somewhere that’s easy for you to access, but hard for a stranger to get into. Maybe you really do have a dream of a wall safe behind a painting; we can do that too. Give us a call, and we can send a certified technician to assess the best solution for you.


Safe Repair

Proper and regular safe servicing is vital to maintaining the integrity and security of that safe. If you have a waterproof interior, you want it to stay that way. If you use your safe frequently, you don’t want that door to wear out. And if the lock starts sticking, well that’s our specialty. Our in-depth knowledge of the safes market allows us to diagnose the problems you’re facing and fix them in no time at all.
Ready to crack into the world of safes? Still have more questions about pricing and logistics? Give us a call for quick, friendly, and professional assistance.