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Professionally Installed Locks In Chicago

Don’t trust your security to just anyone. Poorly installed locks can leave gaps in your security that can be exploited by those who would attempt to gain access to your home or business. On The Go Locksmith provides Chicago lock installation services for all types of locks! We handle all manner of classic analog lock including knob-lock, handle, euro-style, ┬ájimmy-proof lock, single and double cylinder deadbolt installation. We are also well versed in modern digital locks and are happy to provide smart lock, biometric lock, access control and high security lock installation. Whether you have your own locks, or you buy your locks from us, you can feel secure in your home knowing your locks have been expertly installed.

Locksmith installing door latch
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Chicago Lock Installation

Home security starts with properly locking outer doors. A properly installed deadbolt can provide a high level of security against all but the most skilled intruder. However, when installed improperly, even the best locks are rendered virtually useless. Ramming your shoulder into a locked door like people do in movies, usually doesnt’ actually do much… unless your lock was installed improperly, in which case it may be possible to easily dislodge the latch with nothing more than an average person’s body-weight. Don’t take the risk! For quality lock installation in Chicago, Call On The Go Locksmith, and get your lock installed right the first time!