So you’ve decided to join the Collective of Safe Keepers. There isn’t like a membership card or meetings or anything, but it’s an exclusive and valuable conglomerate. Your first mission: acquire a safe.It sounds deceptively easy, certainly. Anyone can go out and buy a safe - you could even order online without leaving your house. But you, as a member of this secret group, know there’s a lot more to home security than meets the eye. You know there are safety ratings to consider, warranties, different locks, and myriad things beyond just price and whether it can be hidden behind a painting.There’s still time to turn back, if you’re not up for the task. Should you choose to accept however, read on for your mission briefing.

sign: beware of the dogWe’ve all seen them on mom’s Facebook or your ex-girlfriend’s Pinterest. Sometimes they come in the form of a 4-minute video or infographic. Those friendly little lifehacks for keeping your house a little bit safer with minimal effort.The issue is that burglars are getting smarter every year (well, smart as you can be when you’re looking to score on some old jewelry or a blu-ray player), and what was a creative security measure not long ago is child’s play now.So let’s take a look at some of these lifehacks and how to make them actually work for you.