deadbolt lock on green doorWe’re about a week in now and the dust is beginning to settle on this new year. We’re all a little older, perhaps a little wiser, than last year, and ready for new projects and responsibilities. For many that means longer working hours and less time at home. Perhaps you’re now considering whether your kids are ready to watch themselves at home, and whether it’s time to give them keys of their own. Well let’s take some time to address a few of your concerns and find some solutions for keeping your home and family safe when you can’t be around.   

broken keySo you were in a hurry and got a little too enthusiastic while locking your front door. Or your car is frozen over from the snow last night and the iced up lock snapped your key like a twig. I feel your pain, but you’re gonna get through this.Here’s a quick guide of the steps you’ll need to take to solve your key conundrum.

So you’ve decided to join the Collective of Safe Keepers. There isn’t like a membership card or meetings or anything, but it’s an exclusive and valuable conglomerate. Your first mission: acquire a safe.It sounds deceptively easy, certainly. Anyone can go out and buy a safe - you could even order online without leaving your house. But you, as a member of this secret group, know there’s a lot more to home security than meets the eye. You know there are safety ratings to consider, warranties, different locks, and myriad things beyond just price and whether it can be hidden behind a painting.There’s still time to turn back, if you’re not up for the task. Should you choose to accept however, read on for your mission briefing.

padlock on a chain across a doorIf you're in the process of planning your Thanksgiving right now, I'd like to invite you to take a short break. It's time for a different kind of roast.I don't like padlocks. Just the fact that they're external locks, and thus removable, opens up a load of security issues you don't see in things like deadbolts. A weak lock can be pulled off a door. A weak chain can be broken. To expose some of these basic flaws, I've pulled up some videos featuring one of the most common brands on the market today: Master Lock.

padlock-door-lock-key-hole-67537 So it’s time for new locks. There are plenty of reasons for it. You’re moving into a new place and want to make sure the locks are fresh. You’re redesigning and want an updated look for your door hardware. You want to break up with someone but you already gave them a key to your place and now it’s too awkward to ask for it back (no one said they had to be good reasons).Well before you go to all the trouble, let’s look at your options. You can replace the locks, of course; get them taken out and put in new ones. That seems the obvious choice. But have you thought of rekeying?To rekey a lock, your locksmith will switch out the pins and cut you a new key, so the keys that used to work are now obsolete.So how do you decide?